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What is 
Vision 2050?

West Hollywood Vision 2050 is a 30-year strategic plan for the City developed by community members and City staff. Strategic planning is a collaborative process which enables a community to address its issues, examine trends, assess capabilities, re-examine its purpose and define a new direction. The goal of West Hollywood Vision 2050 is to continue to build on the success of the City’s past strategic plans, and once again take stock, assess its current position and strengths and build for the future. The West Hollywood Vision 2050 planning process will be facilitated by HR&A Advisors and Here LA.

West Hollywood Today

The Vision 2050 existing conditions analysis includes a People and Economy Snapshot. The People and Economy Snapshot focuses on the essential traits of the population and economy, how both are evolving and implications for how the City should function.

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Civil Society Audit

The Civil Society Audit assesses the level of civic participation in West Hollywood and whether nonprofit organizations and advocacy groups have voices within the city’s decision-making.

Community Engagement Strategy

The Vision 2050 process includes a robust public outreach and engagement plan including: various community visioning workshops for residents, business community members, social services providers, and City Hall staff, “pop-up” community project tents, and the creation of an internal and external working group. HR&A has enlisted the assistance of HereLA to work with City staff to ensure community engagement is all-encompassing and allows for all stakeholders to engage in the process.

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The Process

Fact Finding

Examine existing conditions and what these conditions suggest about strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats that the plan must address.

Idea Generation

Establish goals that are in present-day conditions but driven by long-term priorities. 

Consensus Building

Prioritize themes and identify a set of strategies, and actions in order to achieve the desired outcomes

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Latest News

Internal Working Group Meeting

WeHo Today Reaction – Kate Kigongo

Kate Kigongo is the Innovation Analyst in the City of West Hollywood’s Economic Development Department and part of the Internal Working Group for Vision 2050.

Community Working Group Kick-off

On November 6, 2019, the Vision 2050 Community Working Group kicked-off their first meeting with a visioning exercise to help establish goals and priorities. The